Make creating a color capsule simple

Make Dressing Simple with a Color Capsule

Do you have a color capsule? Do you know what one is? Come closer. I have a secret to share with you…When I began my work as a style coach in 2008,

Make Dressing Simple with a Color Capsule

Make Dressing Simple with a Color Capsule
Mary Michele Nidiffer
Founder + Master Style Coach, StyleFinder

Do you have a color capsule? Do you know what one is? Come closer. I have a secret to share with you…
When I began my work as a style coach in 2008, helping my clients discover their best colors was one of the key elements that I taught. I determined my clients’ personal color harmony and then shared with them the colors that worked best on them according to their season. Once they received their color palette, though, many were still confused about what to wear and how it all worked together because there were simply too many color choices.

So it hit me. Create a color capsule made up of their Fabulous Five™ Colors. Boom!
I realized that I had been doing this for some of my clients, but didn’t really have a method to my madness. Sometimes genius strikes when I’m in the moment and I don’t realize how powerful what I’m sharing with my clients is until after the fact. But I now know what a wonderful way this can be to approach your wardrobe and I just can’t keep it to myself any longer.

Here’s how to create your very own color capsule:

1/ Core Neutrals
First, choose 2 of your very best core neutrals. You know, least memorable and most neutral. Dare I ask you to forget black? Even if black is one of your best colors, let’s find some other neutrals that tie into your personal coloring. These 2 will be your foundational colors and where you will buy investment pieces, mostly.

2/ Wow! Colors
Next, choose 3 of your best Wow!, or accent, colors. These are those lights and brights that really make you stand out. They could be your eye color (especially if your eyes are blue), your favorite color, or any other color that makes your hair, skin or eyes look amazing! You want colors that are memorable and make a statement about who you are. I recommend choosing 3 colors that work well together.

3/ Mix and Match
The key to creating your color capsule is that each neutral goes with each of the Wow! colors, and the Wow! colors can be interchanged and all work together. This mix and match approach allows for maximum versatility in your wardrobe, giving you more bang for your buck and making it EASY to know exactly what to bring into your wardrobe.

4/ Prints
While starting with solids gives you a good foundation, I strongly encourage you to bring in some prints, patterns and textures. Ensure that the prints contain at least 2 of your Wow! colors so they will coordinate with your solids. Jackets, cardigans, scarves, handbags, shoes, accessories, etc. are a fun place to bring prints in.

5/ Accessories
To keep things simple, choose one metal and stick with it. It will help you to know what to buy, ensure that your jewelry is neutral and goes with everything, and make it easy to finish off your look with the polish of accessories.

If you’re not sure what your Fabulous Five are, play with some different colors over the week and see what resonates with you. You want it to feel natural and all you. Once you get this formula down, you’ll marvel at how easy shopping can be!

Your Assignment: Determine your color capsule for the upcoming season and make a list of what items you’d like to add in which colors. Then let me hear from you! I want to know what combinations you come up with and how this formula works for you!

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