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Feel Fabulous

When you can get dressed quickly & easily, wearing something that looks and feels fabulous, you just can’t help but feel great

Feel Confident

Lose the insecurity and doubt in wondering if your outfit is right for you. Take the guesswork out of getting dressed.  Feel confident every time you walk out the door.

Easy Shopping

Imagine walking into a store with confidence, knowing what clothes are right for your style, body, and colors. Shopping becomes simple, fun & budget-friendly.

Save Time

No longer stare into the depths of your closet wondering what to wear.  You’ll get dressed effortlessly in minutes flat!  Yes, it really can be that easy!

Getting Dressed Can Be Stressful. But It Doesn't Have To Be. We've been there and know how you feel. We Get It. We help women love their look at every age.

Designed with You in Mind

Every woman is beautiful in the body she has right now. We believe every woman deserves to be able to rock her style with confidence!  Find Your Style System is created to help you know what clothes to wear and how to wear them so you can get dressed with confidence and feel fabulous.

Your Fashion Frustration Ends HERE

What would it feel like to walk into your closet confident you know what to wear to rock your style and feel confident?

To stop wondering if what are wearing is right for you? 

If you’re here today, it’s likely because you crave a style filled with “more”...more variety, excitement, fun, and sexy…more self-confidence…?

But you sometimes feel trapped when you walk into your closet trying to dress for your changing body and the expectations of others.

Face it...we are not in our 20's anymore. Our body is different. Gone are the days when we could make anything look good. We have 'considerations' to think about. Could be our arms, chest, hips, or belly bulge. Maybe those years of taking care of others and ignoring your true self have left you in a style rut, feeling disconnected from your beauty inside and out.

Maybe, you have spent these years comparing yourself to what the fashion industry tells you what you should look like. Telling yourself that you are too fat, too frumpy, lumpy, and dumpy.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place…

If You Truly Want to Feel Fabulous and Embody the Confident Woman You Are at Your Core... The Only Way to Accomplish That Is Know What to Wear & How to Wear It

hamster wheel of repetition as she settles for the few outfits she thinks are ‘good enough to get by’. Looking in the mirror she wonders if ‘finding herself’ is even a option anymore; the task seems daunting.

Loving Youe Look goes beyond just knowing what to wear & how to wear it…

It's about having the confidence to walk into your closet, knowing the right wardrobe items are hanging there waiting for you to create another outfit that fits the skin you are in right now. It's know you have the right pieces with the right fit, feel, and function. When transform your closet in toliving, breathing, and embodying your transformation until your newfound truth seeps into the fabric of your being, forever altering the course of your life.

That's where the StyleFinder Signature Style System comes in.

It is designed with you in mind. We get what it means to be a woman over 40 because we are women over 40. We have spent our careers in and around fashion; we share what we know for the benefit of women everywhere. It’s the ONLY mature female-focused style transformation program founded on the style principles of Master Style Coach Mary Michele.

More than just surface-level style advice on wearing this or that trend or following the latest lies told by the fashion industry and Madison Ave...

This transformational style program is where we strip away the confusion about what to wear that is right for your amazing body to help you rediscover who you really are – to build self-confidence and feel fabulous.

Get ready to love your look, your wardrobe, and your closet!

Discover The  3 Essential Keys Of
Style Transformation All Women

Over 40 Must Go Through

You’ll join an incredible community of women worldwide as you tear down the barriers keeping you from your true self so you can step into your potential and live the life you were destined to live.

Discover Your
Best Colors

Ever wonder what color makes your eye pop, your skin glow and gets you tons of compliments? In FYSS, you'll discover the secrets to determining your best colors, making shopping simple and getting dressed effortless.  No more guessing when standing in front of the mirror, wondering what colors work for you. You'll just know know every time.  Get ready for instant confidence!

Discover Your
Body Type

Has your body changed?  You're not alone.  Chances are the size and shape of your body has changed, making it confusing to know what fits you now.    The foundation of stress-free dressing starts with discovering your signature silhouettes for the body you have right now. In FYSS, you'll discover your body type, and how to dress for it perfectly so you nail it every time.

Find Your

Think you don't have a style, or feel like you've lost it?  You're in the right place!  Your Style ID® will help you to jump start your style and put you on the path to feeling more like YOU again.  

In FYSS, you'll take our proprietary StyleID® quiz to discover your true style that will guide you to knowing what's right for you.  Getting dressed will become fun while compliments fly! 


  • How to stop throwing MONEY down the drain on clothing 
  • ​How the right colors can visually make you look pounds THINNER and more vibrant
  • ​The MOST important thing to keep in mind when getting dressed
  • ​How to dress for the body you're in right now and look great (WITHOUT losing weight!)
  • How to build a WARDROBE filled with pieces you actually love to wear
  • ​The one color you should ELIMINATE from your wardrobe
  • ​How to get dressed in MINUTES flat, every single day!
  • ​How to use color to make SHOPPING a piece of cake!
  • ​How to leverage the POWER of Your Signature Style to make any outfit feel more like you

Find Your Signature Style is Right for you if...

  • You feel CONFUSED about what to wear for the body you have right now
  • ​You feel FRUSTRATED standing in your closet looking for outfit inspiration
  • ​You feel that your style is in need of a JUMP START
  • ​You're tired of buying more clothes buy feeling like you never have anything to wear
  • ​You feel like you're stuck in a STYLE RUT but have no idea how to get out of it
  • ​You just wish you had a BLUEPRINT for getting dressed
  • ​You wish you had a FAIRY GODMOTHER who would just tell you what to wear
  • You are tired of GUESSING which colors can make your eyes POP and your skin GLOW, and never feeling like you get it right
  • ​You are ready to wear color and get dressed with CONFIDENCE 

What Women Are Saying About

The Signature Style System:

Real Women. Real Success Stories.

Just what I needed!

"I had a wonderful experience and just the help I needed! Knowing about what colors to wear helped me find the perfect outfits. And they taught me style tips I can really use for my body type too. I'm going into the season with clothes that make me feel good about myself. Thanks!!!"

Karen S.

I received so many compliments!

"I used to stand in my closet feeling anxious, confused & frustrated. My clothes were outdated & uninspiring. My excuse was I hated to shop-and I did. The same feelings of confusion, frustration & anxiety followed me to the mall. I'm SO happy I found StyleFinder. I can honestly say they have changed my total perception of fashion, style & shopping. It has been like learning a new language & I love it."

S. Blackwell

I love the colors that are truly me!

"I have saved so much money, and I can't say enough about how much I love the colors that are truly me!  I stay away from the 'shoulds' and have realized that because something is in style doesn't mean it's right for me." 

MJ Herring

Shopping has never been easier!

"I absolutely love the TEALbox! I have received one for about 3 months and in every one of them I can make several outfits with clothes chosen just for me, in colors that flatter and cuts that make me feel fabulous!  Shopping has never been easier...I all I gotta do is push the button to buy!  I highly recommend signing up!"

Betty S.

Every woman should do this!

"Every woman should just bite the bullet and do this for themselves."

Cathy G.

I have the tools I need to find the best looks!

"Stylefinder makes shopping easy. Not only do they have unique clothing, they have an amazing staff...I now have the tools I need to find the best looks for me and my personal style. If you have never done this before, you won't regret it!

Donna M.

I look like I've lost weight and have been getting compliments all week!

"Thank you for everything!  Recently I have worn something that is in my best colors and have been getting compliments all week!  Today I was told that the blue was truly my color and that I looked like I had lost weight.  That made me feel really good.  I can't thank you enough!

Kimberly H.

What's Inside the Signature Style System:

  • ​Learn what colors are right for you (and what to stay away from!)
  • ​Discover color secrets to look pounds thinner, more vibrant and put all eyes on you
  •  Color tips you can put into play right away - get ready for compliments to fly!
  • ​Learn what your body type is right now and how to dress for it
  • ​Discover your signature silhouettes
  • ​Uncover your true style by taking our StyleID® Quiz
  • ​Learn how to express your style in an easy way that makes you feel more like you!
  • ​An easy strategy that helps you save time, money and frustration!

We’ve discovered that there are 3 key elements to helping women get dressed quickly and easily, and when they know what these are, everything just falls into place.

The first Element is Color
In Module 1: Find Your Signature Colors, you’ll discover 2 of your most important colors. We call these your Signature Colors:
When you know your two Signature colors, you know what neutral to build your wardrobe around and what color will help you to get noticed for all the right reasons. No more wearing black because you don’t know what else to wear. Understanding your Signature Colors will help you wear color confidently and change how you get dressed.

The Second Element is Body Type
In Module 2: Know Your Signature Silhouettes, you’ll learn your body type and the silhouettes to wear that are most flattering to you. No more feeling bad about yourself because you don't know what cuts to wear. Instead, you’ll zero in on the silhouettes that work with your body and help you look gorgeous no matter what your size.

The Third Element is Your Personal Style
In Module 3: Discover Your Signature Style ID® you’ll uncover your true style by starting with our proprietary Style ID® Quiz. Think you don’t have a style? Think again! Everyone has a style, and our StyleID® will help you get to the heart of it. Once you know your StyleID® you’ll learn how to put it into play so that your style feels more like you.

Style is never about dressing like someone else. Your style is about wearing what feels more like you! And that starts with uncovering your signature colors, silhouettes and Style ID®. Ready to dump the frump and step out in style?

Let’s go!

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Meet Your Style Coach

Mary Michele Nidiffer is on a mission to help women discover how beautiful they really are. As a Master Style Coach, Founder of StyleFinder Boutique, Creator of the Style ID® System, and Host of the Podcast, Style by Mary Michele, she knows firsthand that you can be pleased with nothing if you are not pleased with yourself. She opened StyleFinder Boutique, located in North Hills, 7 years ago with the goal of empowering women through personal style. Passionate about helping women discover their unique signature style, the stylists of StyleFinder do more than just dress our clients – we help them to feel confident in their own skin!
This course was created after working with women for more than 14 years to help them create a blueprint for getting dressed.  I'm sharing my signature system in hopes that you'll never again say "Help!  I have nothing to wear!"  I want to help you discover your true style and feel more like YOU again!