What every woman over 40 needs

What Every Woman Over 40 MUST Have in Her Wardrobe

If you know me by now then you know that I am not a big fan of lists of what every woman must have in her closet, so this title is a bit tongue-in cheek. I’m not one of those style arbiters who are going to tell you w

Mary Michele Nidiffer

Founder + Master Style Coach, StyleFinder

Women Over 40 – This message is for YOU!

If you know me by now then you know that I am not a big fan of lists of what women over 40 must have in her closet, so this title is a bit tongue-in cheek.  I’m not one of those style arbiters who are going to tell you what ‘all women absolutely must have’ because, as you should pretty well know by now, I know it’s not going to work.

Each woman has her own coloring, body type and personal style that should be what dictates what works best on her at any given moment.  Sure, you can take cues from your friends and co-workers (and, in fact, I recommend that you do), but by all means put your own spin on something so that it highlights your attributes and makes you look like a star in your own life!

However, after being in hundreds of closets and having shopped with countless women, I have a pretty good idea of what will help you to build your upscale casual wardrobe.  Since now is such a great time to be boosting your wardrobe for the year, I wanted to give you a few ‘guidelines’ for things to think about adding in that will bring your style current. Here it is.  And as with everything else I tell you, take what works for you and leave the rest!

Whatwomen over 40 need

1/ Great fitting pair of jeans – Ditch your decades-old ‘mom’ jeans and buy the best pair of jeans you can find. By best I mean the best quality, but more importantly, the best fit! Dark wash is preferable.  Leg width depends on your body type – if you love skinny jeans, go for it.  Otherwise, a great pair of straight legs or bootcut will be timeless.  We offer a fabulous selection of cuts that flatter every figure.

2/ Blazer – This perennial classic comes in so many variations that it’s hard not to find one that’s right for you.  Choose single-breasted for most flattering cut, opt for a length that works with your height, and a color that speaks to who you are!  Sure, black is classic, but it’s not everyone’s best hue.  Why not try cream, white, Kelly green or polka dots?  Find one that you LOVE and you’ll wear it for years to come.

3/ Solid Tops to Layer – What’s a great wardrobe without those key pieces that pull everything together?  While you might think these are a bit boring, think of solid tops as the connector pieces that help you pull together a great outfit at the drop of a hat.  Wear them solo, or under a jacket or blazer for a pop of color.  Some of our faves at StyleFinder include the Everyday Surplice Tank, The Everyday Surplice Blouse and the Shadow Dancing Top.

5/ Moto Jacket – For years moto jackets were seen as edgy, but after seeing them come to the forefront of the style realm, moto jackets have crossed over to become one of the top wardrobe staples perfect for women of all ages.  Our fave Classic liquid leather jackets are so flattering, travel well and can be thrown in the washer.  The hardest part is deciding which color to get!

6/ Ponte Pants –  Pants you can move in, pants you can eat in, and pants that just make you feel good will fast become one of your favorite items to wear.  Our ‘scuba’ pants are a delicious ponte knit that washes well while giving you a sleek, slim look.  Whether you opt for skinny or straight, add these to your wardrobe in all your favorite neutrals.

7/ Statement jewelry – Your accessories punctuate your look, and having a statement necklace or pair of earrings that, well, make a statement, will elevate your look in a heartbeat, but be careful that your jewelry doesn’t wear you.

8/ A fabulous handbag – Your handbag really can make or break your outfit. With so many great choices at all price points, why risk it?  Buy one fabulous style in a neutral (camel, blue, Kelly, toasted almond…) and carry it all season.  Make sure it’s big enough to hold your essentials, yet chic enough to take from work to dinner out.

9/ Boots – Whether you prefer riding boots or booties, a variation of a boot is going to make your wardrobe look right on target.  Opt for a solid, a bright or a print to express your personality and inspire your imagination. For women over 40, opt for a shoe with a comfortable cushioned sole and low to moderate hell.

10/ Good lingerie – Yes, it is an essential but it doesn’t get talked about often enough.  If you’re going to look great in your clothes, start with a great foundation. It’s very important for women over 40 to make sure they are wearing undergarments that lift and give comfortable support. Yes, this is possible at any size. If you haven’t had a proper bra fitting, you’re missing out!

Assess what you could do to boost your bottom like and you won’t be caught with VPL!  A different style/size of panties?  Shapewear?  Whatever it takes.  For a little French inspired elegance, be sure to match your bra to your panties.

So there you have it.  My no-nonsense guide to 10 things for women over 40 that will help you to boost your style.  By all means edit this list as you see fit, and even make your own!  I’d love to hear what’s on your list this season!

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