Wardrobe Building Blocks

It’s a concept I call Wardrobe Building Blocks, and it’s a very simple strategy – a proven system you can use to create fabulous outfits again and again. How does it work? WBB starts from square 1 and walks yo

Wardrobe Building Blocks

Mary Michele Nidiffer

Founder + Master Style Coach


I’d like to introduce you to something very special.  It’s a concept I call Wardrobe Building Blocks, and it’s a very simple strategy – a proven system you can use to create fabulous outfits again and again.


How does it work?  WBB starts from square 1 and walks you through what it takes to build a wardrobe that allows you to create multiple outfits – effortlessly and repeatedly.  Hint: It’s often easier to start with a bottom, such as pants or a skirt, and build upward.


I use this concept with my clients and I hear over and over, “I didn’t realize it could be so easy!”


1/ Gain Clarity in Your Closet

Take a good long look and a serious inventory of what works and what doesn’t in your closet.  Determine which items are the keepers and which ones can go.  Remember, those items you hold on to that no longer support you merely create clutter (both mental and physical).


Determine what your closet is lacking and those items that would stretch what you already have.  Do you need more core basics?  More accent items? Both?  


2/ Determine Core Wardrobe Items

These are your basics that, when you start here, you’ll begin building the foundation for many outfits for years to come.  Core items:

  • Are foundation items in your best basic, least memorable colors
  • Should be in neutral colors for maximum versatility
  • Can be investment items, lasting you for years to come, so buy the best you can afford.


Ignore the “shoulds” and create your very own list of wardrobe building items.  Take into account your lifestyle, your coloring, your body type, your personal style.   


Determine which core items you already have in your wardrobe.  If you’ve had them for years, some may need to be replaced or updated.  Then make a list of what you need so that you can begin adding these into your wardrobe immediately.

3/ Add in Accent Items

These are items in your lights, brights and prints that make your neutrals pop.  Accent items are fun print tops, a scarf in your eye color, a handbag that stands out.  These are much more memorable and are worn less frequently, as well as only for a season or two.  It’s ok to go cheaper on accent items.  Experiment with trends to find what works for you. Add in some of the most current colors to bring your wardrobe up to date.  


Accent items should be refreshed seasonally to keep your wardrobe looking fresh, and are where your signature style can shine through.  Always trust your intuition – only YOU know what is right for you.


4/ Accessories are the Icing on the Cake

Begin to collect accessories that coordinate together, so that you can create an accessory capsule.  This allows you to adorn yourself each day without reaching for the same pair of earrings or the same necklace all the time.  Bring in pieces that you love, including family heirlooms, items you found on your travels or pieces that were gifts over the years.  


5/ Find Your Signature Items for the Season

What defines your style this season?  It is over-the-knee boots?  Emerald green pants?  Leopard everything?  Whatever it is, determine your look and how you can make it your own.  Then build your wardrobe AROUND your signature items and you’ll begin to see a theme emerge. This theme is your Signature Style. It’s simple.  And it’s all YOU!


6/Rinse & Repeat

Use this system to keep your look fresh each season.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get dressed each and every day, and at how excited  – and confident – you become at putting together new outfits.  You’ll be a pro in no time flat!


Before you begin building your wardrobe, be sure you know what colors, silhouettes and styles are your best.  Find out at FindYourSignatureStyle.com.


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